Bee Swarm Removal

Safe Bee Swarm Removal Services


Removing bee swarms is a job for professionals!



A bee swarm in a tree.

During the spring, bees multiply and find the need to divide the colony to make room so they “swarm”. These swarms are what people see clustered to structures, trees, etc. It’s quite fascinating if you have ever seen it.

When people see these swarms they tend to want to preserve the bees so they call a bee keeper to come collect them.


That’s where we come in!

Need a bee swarm removed?


  • Our professionals safely remove the bees.

    Call us today, at (801) 798-9092, or use the quick “Free Estimate” form to the right on this page.

  • In most cases where the swarm is accessible there is not a charge for this service.
  • We are also available for bee and wasp nest/colony removal that have established themselves in structures (inside walls, between floors, etc).


What do we do with the bees?


  • The bees are safely transported to hives.

    We do not “exterminate” the bees but rather collect them and give them a home where they can make delicious honey.

  • We are licensed bee keepers and have a couple of small bee yards.