Sprinkler Coverage Guidelines


Water Measurement Made Easy!!



To get the most efficient results from your sprinkling system, try these simple steps to calculate how to set your clock to achieve the desired amount of water:



• Use empty, shallow, flat bottomed containers. 3 or 4 evenly spaced containers should suffice for a 15’x15’ lawn. Use more cans or cartons for a larger lawn.


• Mark the cans at 1/2”, and measure the amount of time it takes to fill the containers to your mark. This is the amount of time to set your clock for this particular station.


Note: If you have slopes or very clay like soil that is causing runoff or standing water break up your watering cycle into intervals totaling the same amount of time.


i.e. 21 min. divided by 3 start times= 7 min per cycle. To set the clock for multiple cycles first set the amount of time desired on each station (the divided amount), then set multiple start times having each cycle follow one right after the other achieving all cycles in one evening or day. For further instructions on how to set your particular clock check in the “Owners Manual”


• Avoid placing containers close to your sprinkler heads or near the edge of your lawn area.


• If you water only part of your lawn at one time, repeat the tests for each area.

Suggested Water Schedule